Website Development

Website Development

When building a website, there is a process that most designers use. This process covers all the steps from deciding on a website to building it and putting them live. We cover the whole process to design the entire website efficiently. Our goal is to build websites that communicate effectively for our clients, and produce results. Customers depend on websites for information. We work hand-in-hand with the interface design and create an easy-to-use resource. We cover Web usability, SEO and focus how and why people search for your website and what can be done to help them complete their tasks. We design and develop websites, content management systems, online marketing and creative graphic services which helps the website competitive and effective.

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Search Engine Optimization is an important part of any internet marketing strategy but, getting people to your website is just the start. We can even develop Multimedia Web content that includes a lot of different things such as-

Since Spick Web is a full service web design and development agency, you won’t have to go elsewhere for all the extra tactics to push your website to the top. Whether you need graphics or SEO or other digital marketing, we do it all in-house.

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Responsiveness is the modern way for a mobile friendly website. We create websites which can easily adapt screen resolution of any device, no matter which device your customers are using. We develop website that are search engine friendly. We use proper HTML5 tags so that websites will be optimized for search engines. Our websites load faster, run smoother and perform better. Our developers have good creativity, innovation and dedication skills to build a rich and smart look User Interface design.

As an owner of the website, you should have control to update the content/images of your website anytime. We provide Content Management System (CMS) website solution where you can do it easily. We provide many ways to control your website. With our CMS website solution, you can easily add, update or delete content from your website. You won’t need any coding knowledge..!!

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  • Our Web Development strategy includes:

  • Analysis and Need of Solution-
  • The web development process begins with this phase. At this point of initiation a detailed study is carried out as to what is the actual requirement of the customer and how it can be accomplished.

  • Planning and Designing-
  • What to do: This section includes the conceptualization of design and what all technologies are to be undertaken.

    When to do: At this stage of planning the entire process of website making is classified with respect to time period.

    How to do: In this phase of designing the techniques of what all features are to be included and what all techniques are to be utilized for same are finalized.

  • Implementation-
  • Once done with the planning and designing of the solution to be proposed comes the actual implementation process. In this after a design has been finalized comes the process of programming. At this level features like Login and Shopping cart are inculcated.

  • Testing-
  • After completing the process of designing and implementation comes the testing phase. In this the product is tested for its error free working and efficiency.

  • Maintenance and Post implementation-
  • The process of web development comes to an end at the stage of maintenance and post implementation.

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Research shows that more people browse the websites on Smartphone instead of desktop. Thus, we create responsive websites which is compatible across all major browsers and Operating systems. We also offer Custom Web Application Development, Content Management system and e-Commerce Website Development. We deliver comprehensive web solutions including custom website design, online branding, e-commerce, intranet applications, database integration and web automation according to client needs and objectives. Our experts have high skills in HTML (the basic of Web Development), CSS (which handles the visual appearance), JavaScript and other back-end databases. We always offer you our creativity best. We adopt technologies and passionate team members to include proficient UX Designers, information architects, search engine optimisers, content developers who strive to excel and delight the customer, every step of the way.

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We try to simplify the software development process and product so that it can be modified to change instantly. We try not only to develop the best website, but to satisfy your customer’s requirements. We create all kinds of static websites, Dynamic websites, Blogging websites, Custom website, Start-up website, Business and Blogs. Your website will influence purchase of your product/services more than any other element of your brand.

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